"Let It Snow" - FKAjazz

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New Single - "Let It Snow"

Release Date: Thursday, December 07, 2017

Production Credits: 
FKAjazz - tenor saxophone, keyboards & background vocals
Justin Swiney - drums
Azania Shangé - spoken word

Composition, Production & Mixing by Samir Zarif
Mastering by Joe Lampert Mastering

Original Photo by Kevin Vallejos

Cover Design by Samir Zarif

*FKAjazz uses Ableton Live and Universal Audio hardware & software for production and mixing.


Deemed a "triple threat, Musician/Producer/Writer" by United Press International, Samir Zarif aka FKAjazz has taken the latter half of 2017 by storm, first by releasing his groundbreaking sophomore album under his new moniker, FKAjazz and now with the release of "Let It Snow (Lovers' Version)" a single release for the long winter season to come. "It's time to cozy up," he says.

Jonathan Widran of Jazziz Magazine writes, "NYC based saxophonist Samir Zarif lays the dynamic groundwork for the possibilities of what jazz is for his generation and provides a vision for what the cherished American art form can be moving forward. With a freewheeling energy driven by the still simmering melting pot of influences that drive his musical passion – traditional jazz, R&B and hip-hop – [his music] is the culmination of a multi-faceted journey that transcends easy definitions. It’s always evolving with a sense of grooving and improvisational wonder and discovery."

By all means, this is a beautifully unexpected version of "Let It Snow" which effortlessly holds a place on every holiday playlist. From it's smooth-groove R&B feel to the masterful saxophone performance, FKAjazz's "Let It Snow" is a must-listen throughout the cold months ahead.

As Christian Wissmuller of JazzEd Magazine put it "[FKAjazz is] moving jazz forward even further into new and exciting territories, incorporating elements of hip hop, traditional jazz, R&B, and other musical forms. This single release of "Let It Snow" coupled with the release of "Stereotype Threat" (released Sept 2017), proves that FKAjazz is on a mission to take us all on an epic musical journey.

FKAjazz in Review



Originally from Houston, Texas, tenor and soprano saxophonist Samir Zarif first began catching the attention of many when he moved to New Orleans, where he performed often with the likes of Ellis Marsalis, Nicholas Payton, and the Jason Marsalis Quintet.

A move to NYC in the early aughts saw Zarif attending the Manhattan School of Music and performing with The Paislies and, later, The Story. With 2011 came his first album as a leader, Starting Point, a disc that showcased his talents as a songwriter and passion for alternative and electronic music genres.

With the release of his newest album, Stereotype Threat, Zarif unveiled his new artistic identity, FKAjazz (FKA = formerly known as), moving jazz forward even further into new and exciting territories, incorporating elements of hip hop, traditional jazz, R&B, and other musical forms.

“The phrase ‘Stereotype Threat’ literally means the fear of being reduced to a negative stereotype,” Zarif explains. “It was the perfect title because of my influences. As I was developing this sound, my worst fear was being labeled as, ‘The next saxophonist [who] plays like every other saxophonist.’”

Published Oct 2017


"...On his forthcoming release 'Stereotype Threat', the triple threat Musician/Producer/Writer doesn't disappoint. This is clearly a man on a mission. He takes traditional jazz and twists into a force that is uniquely his own. He fearlessly plays with precision and a passion that takes you on a musical journey like no other. As promised, there is Greatness here." 

Published Sept 2017


by D. Oscar & Heide Groomes

"Stereotype Threat" Review: Riveting, electronic, club beats dominate the landscape of Stereotype Threat, the latest release from saxophonist FKAjazz (aka Samir Zarif). The band is composed of Lez Lemon (b), Julian Litwack (g), Justin Swiney (d), Noah MacNeil (keyboards, b, vocalist) and FKAjazz with several guest artists sprinkled through the set. JSWISS adds rap on "No Way To Go" and "Storytime Interlude". Marcus Machado (g) makes his presence known on two selections notably "Angel Cake" including Lez Lemon (b). It's a solid, funky, dance party.

Published Sept 2017


by Shuhei Hayashi

Promo Pictures

photos by Luke Midgley