(feat. Elise Testone & Edson Sean)

Release Date: Friday, March 1, 2019


Performers: Elise Testone - vocals, Edson Sean - Hip-hop vocals, FKAjazz aka Samir Zarif - tenor saxophone keyboards and bass, Justin Swiney - drums

Writers: FKAjazz & Edson Sean

Production & Composition: FKAjazz

Mixing Engineer: FKAjazz

Mastering by Joe Lambert Mastering,

Artwork: Original Art Piece by Keiwen Tam, Photo & Design by Taesong Kim.


Me & the Trew Culture family did our first TV appearance on Brooklyn’s own, BRIC TV. BRIC TV’s “B-SIDE” is a live in-studio music series, featuring performances from Brooklyn’s hottest emerging and established musicians. Hosted by Kenyatta Beasley, the appearance features both performances of some of my songs from Stereotype Threat, some songs by iconic influences of mine like J Dilla, Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock as well as the TV premiere of songs from my upcoming album “Beautifully Awkward.” Joined by Elise Testone, Edson Sean, BD3, Noah MacNeil, Yoshiki Yamada, & Justin Swiney, we had a blast. Feel free to skip through the talking! LOL!

NYC based saxophonist FKAjazz is a jazz musician laying the groundwork for what the cherished American art form can be moving forward. With a freewheeling energy driven by the still simmering melting pot of influences that drive his musical passion-traditional jazz, R&B and hip-hop - the full length collection is the culmination of a multi-faceted journey that transcends easy definitions.

Latest Review Review

Upon the upcoming 1-Year anniversary of my debut album under the moniker FKAjazz, George W. Harris from reviews Stereotype Threat. It's wonderful to see this album is still gaining new listeners everyday, mainly due to all the amazing people supporting me across the globe and especially right in my local community here in New York. 

For those unfamiliar with my album (but I'm sure you are, wink wink), Stereotype Threat is a 9-track collection of work that seamlessly branches together my musical journey, from my time as a kid listening to hiphop in the 90s, to my many years solely as a "jazz musician" to my 180 degree turn into becoming an electronic music producer. To the refined listener, the influence of jazz, hiphop & electronica are apparent. To those just looking for good music with a fresh sound, I hope, because of my unique journey, I'm providing something exciting and adventurous for you to listen to and enjoy. 

We're still working to spread the vibes of this new direction & journey I've established since my debut solo performance at Webster Hall back in the Fall of 2016. And the world is starting to catch on thanks to you! Obviously if you're here, you caught on long time ago and I truly appreciate the love and support. Get ready for new music coming soon! To read the article on click here