New Album"Stereotype Threat" OUT NOW!

"...Saxophonist Samir Zarif aka 'FKA Jazz' is hyped as 'The New Face Of Jazz'. On his forthcoming release 'Stereotype Threat', the triple threat Musician/Producer/Writer doesn't disappoint. This is clearly a man on a mission. He takes traditional jazz and twists into a force that is uniquely his own. He fearlessly plays with precision and a passion that takes you on a musical journey like no other. As promised, there is Greatness here." - United Press International

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New YouTube Channel!

Last's month in September was amazingly epic for the FKAjazz Squad! Now there's a YouTube Channel to capture all the fun. See us perform "F.A.F." live at Rockwood Music Hall during the album release show featuring Marcus Machado, Julian Litwack, Noah MacNeil, Lez Lemon, and Justin Swiney.